Product Description

Product: Pico

Manufacturer:  Philips

Type:  nasal mask

Model #: 1104940

Manufacturer Description: Practical innovation – The lightest and smallest nasal mask that makes minimal contact with the face and offers simplicity, comfort and seal.

Device Features

  • Philips Respironics today announced the Pico nasal mask is now available in the United States for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Designed to maximize comfort and effectiveness, Pico is a small and light CPAP mask. The mask was recently displayed at Medtrade Spring.
  • The Philips Pico CPAP mask makes minimal contact with the face while still providing a tight seal. Pico improves comfort and enables better compliance, fitting more than 98% of patients, according to data from external and internal testing on file with Philips Respironics.

  • Pico is the latest addition to Philips’ portfolio of advanced mask designs, resupply solutions, and innovative technologies designed to help DME providers meet the needs of their customers as efficiently as possible.

Key Features

The lightest and smallest nasal mask on the market*

Pico offers a practical alternative that is comfortable, easy to use, and easy to set-up — while providing a high level of therapy. In fact, clinicians rated Pico easier to use than the leading nasal mask, making it ideal for your installed base optimization and new patient set-ups.*

Pico comfortably fits more than 98% of patients*

Pico offers patients a simple-to-use mask with an excellent seal and offers the freedom to watch television or read while wearing it.

Easy to use

Respiratory therapists and sleep technicians rated Pico easier to use, set up, and obtain a seal than the leading traditional nasal mask

Clinician recommended

Respiratory therapists and sleep technicians would recommend Pico over the leading traditional nasal masks

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