Product Description

Product: Explore 5500 Backup CPAP Battery with online UPS

Manufacturer:  Zopec

Type:  Travel CPAP battery

Manufacturer Description: Designed to sleep with CPAP with humidifier for a minimum 8 hours (depends on settings). Without humidifier and heated tube, sleep up to 21 hours. Uninterrupted sleep through Power Outages. Fast Car Charger Included! For extended power outages, powerful Solar Charger (40W, 60W, 100W) available for separate purchase. Very versatile for power outages, can run lift chair and internet modem, laptops, phone to stay connected. FAA/TSA Compliant.


  • AWARD WINNING AND SIMPLY THE BEST: Most reliable and dependable CPAP battery with great pricing. Designed for medical device backup power. Can plug in Battery and CPAP machine 24/7. Automatically detects power outage and switches to battery power seamlessly. No need to wake up and switch over. Perfect for traveling, camping or backup power.
  • WORKS WITH ALL CPAP MACHINES LIKE YOUR WALL OUTLET AT HOME: Just plug in and sleep like home! So simple to use. No adapters needed and don’t need to know your machine’s voltage. No need to be an electrical engineer to figure out which battery will work with your machine!
  • PERFECT VACATION and CAMPING COMPANION: This powerful battery will also power any standard electronic device including TV, Stereos, Lights, Laptops, Phones, XBox, Movie Projectors … etc.

Product Description

  • UPS Type: Online Double Conversion UPS with Zero Switch Time.
  • SOLID STATE PELTIER COOLING: 100% Silent. Eliminated cooling fan.
  • Content: Zopec Battery, Universal Wall Charger, fast 45W Car Charger, travel pouch, user manual, and nice white storage box.
  • HAVE 3 OPTIONS FOR SOLAR CHARGERS (40W, 60W, 100W) for different weather conditions. (separate purchase)
  • SMALLET, LIGHTEST, and MOST POWERFUL: The world’s smallest portable CPAP battery pack to include 110V AC outlet with 54,000 mAh. Weight: 3.1 lb. Dimensions: 8.75″ x 6.25″ x 2.0″.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Two 110V Universal Outlets. 54,000 mAh, 160 Wh.
  • MOST POWERFUL and LONGEST RUN TIME: 2 – 3 nights or 14 – 24 hours. (NOTE: All CPAP batteries will lose 70% – 80% run time if heated humidifier and heated hose were used. See images for Run Time Chart for various machine brands and settings.)
  • FAA/TSA COMPLIANT for AIR TRAVEL: Zopec EXPLORE 5500 capacity is 160 Wh. Carry-On Bag only. Can not be in checked-in luggage. Quantity limit is 2.

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Zopec Medical Explore 5500 Battery

PRICE:  $489.99


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