Product Description

Product: DreamWear CPAP Chinstrap Premium

Manufacturer: Philips DreamWear

Type:  CPAP Chinstrap

Sleeping with your mouth open during CPAP therapy can cause dry mouth or leak events, creating discomfort or disruptions to your sleep cycle. With the Premium Respironics Chin Strap, you receive the support you need to prevent your jaw from dropping and facilitate breathing through your nose while you snooze.

If you have issues with accidental mouth breathing while using your nasal mask, this premium Respironics chin strap can stop sleep-related events caused by open mouth breathing or snoring from disturbing your CPAP therapy ever again. Instead of worrying about another mouth leak, the headgear works with the integrated chin cup to apply gentle pressure at a vertical angle, ensuring your sleep apnea therapy is restful and effective.

Also featured is an adjustable support strap held in place with Velcro to give your headgear the adjustability you need for successful sleep therapy.

Basic Maintenance Makes Cleaning a Breeze

Care for this product is simple: hand-wash weekly with warm water and a mild laundry detergent.

Product Description

  • Premium Materials for a Premium Product
  • CPAP Chin Strap Provides Extra Support for Your CPAP Mask
  • Basic Maintenance Makes Cleaning a Breeze
  • The Respironics Premium Chin Strap is made with lycra, polyester foam, and Velstretch for a soft, comfortable fit.
  • Stop Mouth Breathing and Remove Unnecessary Tension

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Philips Chinstrap Premium

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