Product Description

Product: Eson™ 

Manufacturer:  Fisher & Paykel

Type:  nasal mask

Model #: 400449 / 400450 / 400451

Manufacturer Description: The F&P Eson is designed to perform in tune with you and your needs. It incorporates three key components, the RollFit™ Seal, ErgoFit™ Headgear and Easy Frame all designed to work in harmony.

Product Features

  • RollFit™ Seal
  • Slim Forehead Stability Bar
  • ErgoFit Headgear
  • Easy Frame
  • Ball and Socket Joint

Key Features

Confidence comes easy with F&P Eson™ 2

Eson 2 was designed to meet the needs of patients and sleep professionals, at every important milestone in the CPAP therapy journey.

Eson™ 2 – designed for ease of use

To improve on a mask designed for performance and comfort, our development team focused on features to enhance ease of use – The Intuitive Headgear for example provides fitting options for patients, including the ability to stretch the mask directly over the head.

Incorporating VisiBlue™ highlights

F&P Eson 2 features VisiBlue™ highlights to provide visual cues for simpler, quicker and more intuitive patient education and to aid the patient in fitting, disassembly and reassembly.

Product Images

Non-Prescription Supplies for F&P Eson Mask

F&P Eson Mask Cushion

ITEM #: 400HC128 | 400HC127 | 400HC126
SIZES: Small, Medium, Large
PRICE: $42.00

The RollFit Seal incorporates integrated stability panels for optimal sealing performance and stability all night long.


F&P Eson Mask Headgear

ITEM #: 400HC568 | 400HC567
SIZES: Small and Medium/Large
PRICE: $42.00

Breathable ErgoFit Headgear is designed to self-locate high on the rear of the head to allow for maximum head movement without dislodgment or loss of fit. EmbeddedVelcro Tabs and Easy-Clip Hooks allow for fast and easy fitting and removal without the need for constant adjustments.


F&P Eson Mask Frame

ITEM #: 400HC573 | 400HC572 | 400HC571
SIZES: Small, Medium and Large
PRICE: $122.00

This low-profile frame is stable, durable and small, and ensures a clear line of sight. The one frame fits all three seal sizes and has an Easy-Clip frame attachment to aid assembly after cleaning.


F&P Eson Mask Diffuser Cover

ITEM #: 400HC228
PRICE: $18.50

The diffuser will lower the sound level of any Eson Series Mask by approximately 8 dBA. The Diffuser Filter and Elbow Cover are optional items which help to make the Eson Nasal Mask extra quiet.