Product Description

Product:  Mirage Active LT

Manufacturer:  ResMed

Type:  nasal mask

Manufacturer Description: The ResMed Mirage Activa™ LT nasal mask is designed to fit right for an easy night, ensuring that patients enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free night of sleep therapy. Amazingly light, quiet and diffused, the Mirage Activa is designed to save fitting time and costs, with the goal of reducing callbacks and improving patient compliance.

Product Features

  • Nose coverage
  • Nasal mask
  • Silicone cushion

Key Features

  • Reliable. Compact ActiveCell™ technology automatically seals for quick fitting and accommodates therapy pressure changes and patient movement.
  • Comfortable. Minimal headgear tension promotes long-term comfort and compliance, and the unique design diffuses air quietly and gently away from patients and their partners.
  • Comprehensive. The Mirage Activa is designed in a small size to better fit a wider range of patients.
  • User-friendly. The mask’s MicroFit™ dial can be fine-tuned to suit each patient’s unique profile via an easy, one-handed adjustment system.

Product Images

Non-Prescription Supplies for ResMed Mirage Activa LT Mask

ResMed Mirage Activa LT Universal Headgear

ITEM #: 16118 | 16117 | 16119
SIZES:  Small, Medium, Large
PRICE:  $42.00


ResMed Mirage Activa LT Frame System without Headgear

ITEM #:  60172 | 60173
SIZES:  Medium, Large
PRICE:  $122.00


ResMed Mirage Activa LT Cushion

ITEM #:  60198 | 60177 | 60178 | 60179
SIZES:  Small, Medium, Large, Large-Wide
PRICE:  $42.00