Product Description

Product: Swift LT and Swift LT for Her

Manufacturer:  ResMed

Type:  nasal pillow masks

Manufacturer Description:  ResMed Swift™ LT nasal pillows masks are light to the touch, easy to fit and whisper quiet, offering comfort, stability and performance to maximize patient acceptance and compliance. The Swift LT for Her is the first mask designed “with her in mind,” offering personalized features to better meet the therapy needs of female patients.

Product Features

  • Nose coverage
  • Nasal pillows mask
  • Silicone cushion

Key Features

  • Light. Lightweight with no forehead support, the Swift LT seals softly and securely to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Quiet. Whisper-quiet nasal pillows comfort delivers quiet, effective sleep apnea therapy.
  • Effective. The outer pillow inflates with air while the inner pillow offers softness and stability; the flexible base allows freedom of movement without compromising seal.
  • User-friendly. The mask’s rotating barrel lets patients more easily customize their seal, and the simple design makes fitting and cleaning a snap.
  • Adjustable. The rotating barrel and dual-wall pillows can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of nasal angles.
  • Comfortable. The design promotes reduced dryness by limiting the volume of air that enters the nostrils.

Product Images

Non-Prescription Supplies for ResMed Swift LT & Swift LT for Her Masks

ResMed Swift LT Headgear

ITEM #: 60578
PRICE:   $38.20

ResMed Swift LT for Her Headgear

ITEM #: 60595
PRICE:   $42.00

ResMed Swift LT Frame System without Headgear

ITEM #: 60582 | 60583 | 60584
SIZES:  Small, Medium, Large
PRICE:   $122.00


ResMed Swift LT Cushion

ITEM #: 60571 | 60572 | 60573
SIZES:  Small, Medium, Large
PRICE:   $28.50